About Us

Site2Sms was founded in Jan 2011.
Site2Sms.com offers SMS communication totally cost free to its users, at the same time, enables advertisers to reach out to millions of users through the online advertising on Site2SMS.Com.
This pioneering effort has already captured the imagination of millions of users across the globe. More than 1 million users visit Site2Sms every day, and they are just not from India alone, but come from as many as 126 countries globally!
Mobile users can register at absolutely no cost with Site2Sms.com, and start sending text messages to their near and dear ones across the country. Receivers of the messages need not be registered Site2Sms users.

Lohchab Network Private Limited
2008, Railway Road
Narela, Delhi - 110040 (INDIA)
(Site2Sms Is A Online Venture of Lohchab Network Pvt. Ltd.)
Help Desk : Email : support@site2sms.com