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Our Mp3 Converter converts your audio/video file formats from one form to another and has ability to select the encoding and quality for any kind of audio and video files converted to Mp3.

Why Mp3 Converter ?

Our Mp3 Converter is a free audio and video conversion service and it can be used to convert across many different audio and video formats and can be also used to extract audio from any video format for converting to Mp3.
Features of Converter
Converter Mp3 accepts many audio file formats that can be used to convert to mp3 such as FLV to Mp3, AVI to Mp3, WMV to Mp3, MOV to Mp3, MP4 or Mp3, 3GP to Mp3, WMA to Mp3, WAV to Mp3, AAC to Mp3, CDA to Mp3, AMR to Mp3 and MIDI finally MIDI to Mp3 which can be used to prepare the audio for playing songs on various portable media players, mobile phones and soon our Converter Mp3 will also feature a batch audio conversion mode to convert multiple audio, video files simultaneously to Mp3.
Compatibility of Mp3 Converter Conversions
Mp3 Converter can read majority of Video and Audio Image formats for converting to Mp3 which is supported by nearly all major multimedia devices including Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) + Sony PlayStation, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and Android Mobile Devices.
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Trending Digital Audio / Video Formats

Today We handle nearly 10 Audio and Videos every second that are Converted to Mp3 and Site2SMS plans to add support for more formats in coming months.
  • Use Converter Mp3 for converting your Audios and Videos to High Quality Mp3 Audio Format
  • Most Commonly People use below listed Formats with our Convert to Mp3 Online Utility
  • Convert to Mp3
  • Converter CDA to Mp3
  • Converter AMR to Mp3
  • Converter AAC to Mp3

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